Palm Trees and Pineapples Tapestry Throw



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Woven In: Woven in North America
History: A Cairn is a man-made pile (or stack) of stones, with origins dating back to prehistory. The word cairn originates from the Scottish Gaelic: c?rn. Cairns may be used as trail markers in many parts of the world, as well as landmarks, burial monuments, and many other functions. They vary greatly in terms of size, structure and complexity, and can be found all around the globe. Our artisans pay homage to this centuries old practice with an expertly detailed woven wall tapestry depicting a typical cairn structure. Using a neutral color palette to communicate the honest and earthy feeling and textural landscape of each individual stone, they’ve masterfully captured the strength and stability of a fine cairn. An excellent addition to your home’s décor.
Composition: 100% Cotton.
Finish: Tapestry Thow is Unlined